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Yoga mat: how to choose the best yoga mat

come scegliere il tappetino yoga

It’s easy to choose the best yoga mat if you know how to do it

Guide for yoga beginners and for yogis and yoginis with experience

For me September feels like the month of new beginnings, the right time to make a few changes. Three years ago, in September I started my yoga journey, because I was looking for something that could help me to forget my worries and to find an inner peace. I found yoga.

If you are considering yoga classes for the first time or if you just want to get your yoga practice back, you are now in the right place to figure out why a professional yoga mat can change your yoga experience. 

At the beginning of my yoga journey I used an old foam mat and my practice was really challenging: the mat did not stick to the floor, my hands and feet slipped during transitions from one posture to another. I also rented a yoga mat from the studio where I was taking yoga classes but it didn’t facilitate the practice. The reason was not practical but rather a mental reason: I was not able to feel comfortable on a mat that was not the mine and, therefore, I couldn’t focus.

I learned that the yoga mat should never make our practice difficult but it must allow us to practice in the best possible way and in total safety.

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